In 2014, Two brothers, Pastor and Emanuel bought a used 2005 Chevrolet Colorado. They fixed it up and sold it to a very close friend.
That would only be the beginning. There would be many vehicles, the brothers would buy, fix up and then sell. It was kind of like HGTV’s Flip or Flop but instead of flipping houses they flipped cars.
Soon they were selling to family, friends, friends of friends, associates and constituents from all diverse backgrounds. There was one thing their customers had in common – everyone was looking for a reliable vehicle at the lowest price and they wanted it from the two brothers. The demand became extremely high, so much so that Pastor and Emanuel knew they had to open a used car dealership.
Two Brothers Auto Sales was founded in July of 2015. “Providing quality service and reliable vehicles at an affordable price “, soon became the two brothers’ goal and now serves as the mission statement and driving force behind the company.
Unlike traditional car dealerships and Buy Here Pay Here dealerships, they won’t put you through the hassled process of purchasing a vehicle. Where individuals have been turned down due to not meeting these dealerships’ qualifications, Two Brothers Auto Sales has said YES to many people when everybody else said no.
There are many dealerships in the area but there is NO ONE like Two Brothers Auto Sales that offers what they offer.
The two brothers came together with a vision. They believed that everyone should be given a chance and opportunity to own a caliber vehicle – no matter their financial background. It doesn’t matter if an individual has awfully poor or phenomenal credit. Their mantra is to put people before money.
Pastor and Emanuel believe in making a difference in the lives of their customers and enhancing their quality of life one vehicle at a time.